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Auto Insurance in West Virginia

The financial responsibility law of West Virginia demands every driver to carry auto insurance documents on their automobiles. Every vehicle owner is supposed to abide by this law, failing which they would come under the direction of a discretionary authority responsible for the state laws of auto insurance in Wisconsin.

As a vehicle owner you stand a chance of increasing the coverage limits of your auto insurance should the need be. The laws for auto insurance in West Virginia allow coverage up to $10,000 for property damage, however the limit for bodily insurance coverage touches $20,000 as a minimum figure and it only can get up to $40,000. Put simply, one can get a coverage of the aforementioned amount in the event of any casualty or injury to the third party involved in the accident.

No citizen of West Virginia can even think about the possibility of escaping from the claims and charges when he or she is caught for driving without auto insurance. The laws put down by the authorities necessitate that a driver must have auto insurance even if it is invalid, i.e. it has already lapsed. This is why all insurance agencies present the drivers with a proof which must be carried on the vehicle at all times. The proof is an identification card meant for verifying the insurance of the driver who drives the auto.

Statistics show a noticeable increase in the price of insurance premium thanks to strict laws which have forced people to come out and apply for different insurance coverages so as to be insured. The average premium price was standing at $877 approx. in the year 2008 which resulted because of a 3.6% increase in the average premium price that was about $844 in 2007.

This fact and figure has given West Virginia 15th rank in the list of states which recorded higher insurance premium rates. Many factors contribute to the increase in Auto insurance premium rates. Not all factors have equal weight in affecting the prices but still they need to be followed. Some of the factors which are capable of lowering the auto insurance premium rates in West Virginia are given below.

The speed limit on road inside the city as well as the highways.

Though there is no ban on handheld cell phone driving it is a factor to think about.

The blood alcohol rate does play an important role in determining the final price of an insurance premium. Laws state the rate must be 0.08 and emphasizes that this rate is kept in mind.

Open container driving, cell phone while on-drive are similar factors which have a stake in determining the final price.

Though these factors may not be applicable to a few of those out there, reading the legal terms and conditions on these aspects may help you bargain and get a buy-in when you shop around for the cheapest auto insurance in West Virginia.